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This 1000 piece puzzle is based on a collection of four illustrations which I drew to capture a small slice of the diverse cultures and emotions which make up the hustle and bustle that is to me India. Perfect for puzzlers who are looking for a hair-tearing experience, reconstructing this piece of nostalgia. You’ll have a blast discovering the intricate details amidst the local train scene and bringing it all to life.

PS: Looks great on a wall once you frame it. Just a thought.

– 1000 piece puzzle
– Completed Size: 685 x 480mm
– Puzzle is finished with a glare-free coating
– Drawstring cloth bag and artwork print included

– Made with recycled materials


*Delivery- Approx 5 - 7 days from the moment it has been shipped

Bombay Local- 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

  • -Don’t fret over misfits, & ignore the half cut pieces
    You might find that a handful of pieces that might a little
    more coaxing to get them to “jig” together. Don’t fret. Being a
    small craft production puzzle you might just need to push a
    little harder or they might even just have some room left in between two pieces, but rest assured the final picture will be a thing of beauty.
    -Difficult level is set to Toasty Brown
    To keep things interesting, I’ve included a few pairs of flat pieces at strategic locations inside each puzzle. These are built like edge pieces that will interlock only on 3 out of 4 sides to keep you guessing.
    -The puzzle pieces like to rabbit
    While I’ve made sure all 1000 pieces are inside each box when packed, I can’t assure you they’ll stay put once you pour ‘em out. Jig pieces love to scamper.

Puzzle Collection

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