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Antiquity Discoveries

x Plated Project

I was thrilled to be one of four illustrators chosen for a unique collaboration between Antiquity Discoveries and The Plated Project. Our mission? To capture the hidden gems of Kolkata through the wise gaze of the Antiquity Heron.

As part of this exciting project, I designed limited-edition plates, bottles, and coaster sets. Each piece featured the Heron guiding viewers on a visual journey, revealing the untold stories and cultural treasures woven into the fabric of this vibrant city.

This collection offered a fresh perspective on Kolkata, inviting people to rediscover its magic and celebrate its rich history.


Kolkata's charm lies not in its grand scale, but in its intricate details. Unlike other metropolises, its soul resides in the narrow alleys and weathered buildings. Forget iconic landmarks, the essence is found in chipped stone adorning walls, emerald window shutters, and bustling street corners. From sweet shops to gossiping rickshaw drivers, a hidden narrative unfolds. Golden taxis, overflowing buses, and graceful trams weave a vibrant tapestry, capturing the city's unique identity.


A limited edition series of only 100 pieces was made and showcased at the Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2024. Fifty percent (50%) of the profits have gone to the Kala Ghoda Arts Foundation.

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