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Bucket Mockup Alleppey -revised aamir.jpg

KFC: Bucket Art

As part of the KFC Bucket Canvas project, KFC celebrated its 600th restaurant milestone with a unique artistic expression. 150 unique buckets were created, each representing a different city. I was selected to design buckets for three such cities: Madurai, Alleppey, and Bellary, each known for its distinct cultural and scenic identity.

Image 1.jpeg

For Alleppey, I drew inspiration from the iconic houseboats that drift along the Kerala backwaters. The artwork depicts the tranquility of this city of canals and lagoons, immersed in a watery world of lush foliage and vast paddy fields.

Image 2.jpeg
myimage (3).jpeg

Bellary: Nestled near Hampi, the Bellary bucket design reflects the city's unique landscape dominated by massive stone boulders. The artwork features the prominent Bellary Fort, which sits atop a hill, appearing as if carved from a single,giant piece of granite.

Image 3.jpeg
myimage (4).jpeg

Madurai: The Madurai bucket design captures the city's vibrant energy. Elements inspired by the city's distinctive Dravidian temple architecture and the ever-present spirit of celebration come together to depict the city's effervescent spirit.

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