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x Plated Project

I was thrilled to be one of six illustrators chosen to celebrate Lamborghini's legendary 60-year journey. Our mission? To capture the brand's spirit of innovation and inspiration through the lens of Shadanga, the six classical Indian ragas.

The centerpiece of our design was a flowing exhaust garland, formed by the iconic silhouette of Lamborghini's exhaust and tail lights. This framework weaved in and out, showcasing each of the six ragas.

Final_Scaled_Down_X2 1.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 3.jpg

 Each segment, framed by the tail light motif, depicted a scene representing the essence of a specific raga:

  • Raga Bhairav (Morning, Peace, Introversion): Two solitary figures ride horses under the moon, reflecting the raga's peaceful and introspective nature.

  • Raga Malkauns (Soothing, Intoxicated): Women revel in the glow of fireworks, capturing the intoxicating joy of the raga.

  • Raga Hindol (Spring): Women celebrate Holi, the festival of colors, symbolizing the vibrant energy of spring.

  • Raga Megh (Invitation to Rains): Women play the 'khanjani' instrument, welcoming the life-giving rains.

  • Raga Deepak (Fire): A fiery Veena player rides a horse, embodying the passionate intensity of the raga.

  • Raga Shri (Grace, Sunset, Dedication): Women practice instruments at sunset, showcasing the dedication and grace associated with the raga.

At the heart of the artwork, women dance around a central couple, signifying the unifying power of music and innovation.This collaborative project presented a unique and captivating way to celebrate Lamborghini's heritage and enduring legacy.

File_000 (1).png
IMG_3138 2.jpeg

All six of the Illustrators work had been displayed at the Italian Embassy Cultural centre, New Delhi.

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